Ricohflex and Sculpture in the Park

I borrowed a Ricohflex TLR and took it to the park where a friend of mine, who’s in the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association, had a few pieces in their show.
The group had put a bunch of pieces on wooden pedestals in an area with high foot traffic, and lots of people got to see (and touch!) sculpture for free, as well as talk to the sculptors themselves.

I hadn’t used this Ricohflex before, but it appeared to work correctly.  I metered with an app on my phone, and all the pictures turned out.   🙂   I was shooting on some ISO 50 Ilford, and developed at home with Diafine.  I mostly shot at f/3.5, 1/400th of a second, but sometimes shot at f5.6, 1/125th, just to make sure I wasn’t missing focus.

Here’s some of the sculptors:


And here are their sculptures:EBZ_560EBZ_561EBZ_563EBZ_564EBZ_566EBZ_567EBZ_568EBZ_570EBZ_573EBZ_574EBZ_579EBZ_580EBZ_581EBZ_583EBZ_584EBZ_586EBZ_587EBZ_590EBZ_591EBZ_592

This camera has an interesting story.  I used to be in a 3D photography group, where there was this older guy named Don.      Don’s going into assisted living.   He collected cameras his whole life.  Our friend Bob is going through Don’s collection and selling most of it on ebay.  I and my friend Kevin went over to Bob’s place a few times to help him price the gear.  There was tons of it.      Here‘s Bob’s ebay store.
I borrowed this, and another camera, to sell on Bob’s behalf, to a friend of mine.  I just haven’t gotten around to returning it yet.
No, I’m not going to buy it.  I have enough TLRs already.  🙂



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