Week 21: Oxford

I spent a few days visiting Oxford, for both work (a seminar at the astronomy department) and to visit family. The weather was, well – you all know what the weather is like in the UK.  I was wonderfully looked after by everyone, and saw a lot of pubs and canals and rivers and buildings. Here are a selection of photographs I took. My sister lives in Osney, and it is an island. Which means that to get there, you have to cross over a bridge:


The Island


Of course, I saw a lot of bridges and canals and rivers:


A bridge with a house-boat.


A relaxing Buddha, but we are not in Japan.


Of course there were colleges and dreaming spires, too:


Nope, I can’t remember which college this was

And on Sunday morning, you could see people heading to the church:


At the church

But this is really where it was better to be :


At the pub

That’s it! Next time, Lisbon. Technical details: as ever, 50mm+Leica M6+ Tri-X in HC110 dil E. That’s all. Thanks for the comments folks.


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