Week 22: Lisbon

After England, Portugal. I’ve wanted to visit Lisbon for a long time, and so I was happy to attend a week-long meeting there. Of course I arrived a few days early to visit the city and take some pictures. I brought along both Leicas (such a luxury) but used only TMAX-100 with a Voigtlander 35mm lens in the older one, rather than my usual Tri-X.

Over the week I took a lot of photographs. Lisbon, like everywhere, has its own set of photographic clichés: trams and bridges, but I promise I will keep them to a minimum in here! My first impressions of the city were very positive. Just looking at the streets, it seems like a cleaner version of Naples! Looking  deeper however, the feeling in both cities is quite different. Lisbon is much calmer and quieter. So before, after and during my meeting I wandered the streets and took photographs.

Our meeting was in Belem, where there is a famous monastery, as well as a monument to all explorers. Belem is where all their journeys started (and it is also the place where the most famous Portuguese pastries come from!). Here are some photographs from there:

Lisbon at night is also very special. Here are some photographs taken at our conference dinner and around the streets of the city.


And don’t forget that we are close to the sea:


At sunset

That’s it for this time, next I’ll be back with more water, Paris under the tides !

Technical details – well, this week was as ever mostly  Tri-X & HC110 and the 50mm Summicron, together with one roll of TMAX-100. (To be honest, I was not so impressed with the results from the TMAX-100. Like a lot of people out there on the interwebs, I find it seems to be a bit lacking in contrast compared to Tri-X (tests I made this evening in the darkroom seem to confirm this). Ahead of time, I just imagined it would be just like Tri-X but with finer grain, but that is not the case at all. I have tried developing in it both HC110 and Rodinal, and I will try D76 before abandoning it. I’d like to try Delta 100 too.)


7 thoughts on “Week 22: Lisbon

  1. I liked all the pics!

    Tri-X compresses shadows a lot, thus presenting an illusion of higher contrast when compared to TMAX, which is probably true to tones (keeping all other factors constant)

    This is just a guess, by the way 😛

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    • Thanks – It seems reasonable ! I made some prints from a few of the photgraphs here and there is a lot of detail in the shadows – which I threw away by using high-contrast multigrade filters 🙂


  2. Hey, Lisbon, my hometown… always interesting to see how others what we see everyday… loved it! Next time give me a warn and we can meet and have a beer by the river… 😉

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    • Ah! If I had known. Lisbon is a wonderful city. I hope to return there before too long and I will for sure let you know it would be great to be shown around by a local. I am glad you like the photographs, sorry for the trams :-).


  3. Beautiful images. Love thew compositions.
    Try developing the Tmax at 75 degrees F. At a recent workshop I was told that Tmax is very sensitive to the developer (actually all of the chemical temperatures) and is happiest at 75 degrees F.

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    • Thanks Don, I will try it I… I ordered a copy of the ‘film development cookbook’ online and this supposedly has a lot of tips for TMAX. Already I found that my results were better in D76 and the other developers I tried.


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