52 Rolls Week 24:52

Late this week because I’ve just returned from a wonderfully insightful B&W Photography “boot camp”.  Unlearned old bad habits and learned a few new things.  But that’s neither here not there……..You’ll see those images, maybe next week…….

Today we visit My friend’s sort of ‘hole in the wall’ darkroom.  For rent in Boulder, Colorado, although he said he may have to close down soon, so this may be a fond farewell….


located in an old warehouse that is now an ‘artists colony’ on the far north end of town.  Above, the front door.  Below, we have to play with the Holga Flash to photograph the interior:


Up the stairs and right to the entrance:


And remember, “Don’t Let Out The Dark!”


ZoomDoorThe sign says:

“Darkroom, Keep Door Closed.  If it is left open, All the Dark Leaks Out!”

My husband Donald, working on prints from his 4X5 negatives. And on the right, center, the 4X5 enlarger.

Left:  looking down the hallway to other artsy spaces hidden behind closed door.  And on the right, we go back down the stairs to exit.  See my home darkroom as it was under construction in 2012.

Tech Info:  Holga 120S,  Kodak T-Max 400, Holga 235B Flash. Developed and scanned by our friends at Old School Photo Labs.


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