[raulpc] week 20 – Me and my DIY 11×14 Camera…

…seen in 4×5!

Another adventure, to build a ULF 11×14 camera.

These are always expensive cameras, in whatever way, so I thought, why not build one? That was the dream start.

I already had a lens, the Nikkor-W 360mm, that I found out was covering 11×14 (diagonal 447mm), with an image circle at f/22 of 494mm. I also had a film holder that size, that I had bought once for a good price, just in case.

I started out sketching ideas on paper and making some drawing in a cad program on computer. Next step was to buy some tools, special an electric Jigsaw. Slowly but steadily, all started to make sense, with some serious adjustments along the way after the initial plans.

And here it is, almost finished, seen by another Nikkor-W, de 300mm, on Atomic-X, developed in PMK. The first negative made on it will follow soon, I hope!





11 thoughts on “[raulpc] week 20 – Me and my DIY 11×14 Camera…

    • Thank you… there are still some technical problems to solve, namely the springs that hold in place the groundglass… have to find some with the right tension…


    • Aahhh, thank you!!!… it’s far from perfect at close sight, I can do wood much better than metal, still the basics are in place, but the final test is yet to come… is it light tight? Will do the first sheet this weekend… πŸ™‚


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