Week 23: Scenic Vista at Yellowstone

In the middle of June I took a two week long road trip to North West Montana, to attend a film photography workshop hosted by the Photographer’s Formulary. I took ten rolls of 120 sized film, and made somewhere on the order of twenty-five 4×5 images. I’m slowly processing the film. Currently I’m about half way through my back log. I will be posting my work over the next few weeks as I get to it.

This image was taken on the drive back to Colorado inside of Yellowstone National Park. This is definitely a photograph of opportunity, taken at midday, and with a rather uninspiring sky. But I liked the blurred fisherman in the foreground and I wanted to play with the image. I definitely need to go back and reshoot this spot.

yellowstone vistaA

This image was made with my B&J 4×5 press camera, Ilford Delta Pro 100 film, 150 mm lens, developed in Ilford DD-X developer and scanned on our Epson V700 flatbed scanner.


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