52:500c – Week 28 – Cruisin’

There have been many things I’ve learned from my father, including an appreciation for classic automobiles. Now I wouldn’t call myself a car guy, but I do love a well restored classic cruiser or a sleek looking hotrod. So after a severely lacking Ribfest at the Milton Fairgrounds Heather and I decided to wander into the downtown and take in the street party with a rather nice cruise night happening.



To be honest, week 28 went through many different ideas before settling on this event, at first; it was supposed to be an old piece of farm equipment on James Snow Parkway, then the Ribfest itself, before settling on this event. But that’s what happens when you leave the project roll to the last minute. Usually, I’m quick on the game, ah well! Overall I was pretty happy with these results, working with some shallow depth of field and running the spotmeter while handholding the camera.



Of course in addition to the cars the camera caught the eye of some of the owners of the vehicles on display and they were all euphoric when I told them I was shooting traditional film in it, not a digital back. Plus you really cannot go wrong with souping RPX 400 in Pyrocat-HD, seriously is the best combo for this film to get fine grain, crisp edges, and a decent amount of contrast.




Hasselblad 500c – Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm 1:2.8 – Rollei RPX 400 @ ASA-320
Pyrocat-HD (1+1+100) 18:00 @ 20C
Meter: Pentax Spotmeter V
Scanner: Epson V700
Editor: Adobe Photoshop CC (2015)


6 thoughts on “52:500c – Week 28 – Cruisin’

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