Camping trip Fuji645 and Pentax 67

When using too many cameras, sometimes you don’t get to know the quirks of each camera in particular.    A last week I realized that I am loading film too loosely in the FujiGA645Wi, which makes chubby rolls, which lets light into the ends.
I realized that when loading, I should hold my finger on the film roll, and wind it more tightly when starting the roll.  Otherwise, there’s some looseness at the beginning of the film on the takeup spool, which makes the whole roll fat.
I had to compensate for the light leaks by cropping of heavily applying a vignette.


Cropped and vignetting applied to hide leaks. 

^She was giving out samples of edible bugs.  Roasted and flavored.

Here’s the rest of the Fuji645 pix:



Missed focus a bit.  The Fuji is autofocus, but in the moment, sometimes its easy to miss focusing on the right thing.



I warmed this^ one up in Lightroom a bunch.


This was newer film.  Highlights not blown out.  🙂



Highlights blown out, and underexposed.  Expired film again.  😦  What you see here is my attempt to rescue the shot.


Light leaks on the bottom.   I need to stop using expired film so much.  It often leaves the brights blown out.

And here’s the Pentax67 shots:


Expired ISO 1600 shot at 800, but still underexposed.  So grainy.  At first I didn’t like it but other people said they liked it.


Missed focus on her face, but it kinda adds to the dreamy look.


Again missed focus.  Its easy to do at f/2.4.


Nice bokeh in the background.


These 2 cameras are my favorite film cameras.  Great results, medium format, and fun to use.



6 thoughts on “Camping trip Fuji645 and Pentax 67

  1. The lady in the stream is fantastic.
    I’m glad that there’s someone else out there that is happy to see a negative the same way that they might a RAW file, that is, the starting point of an image. For the most part, my pictures only get as far as being files on a computer, be they film or digital, they end up in the same place, so why not treat them in the same way…


    • That is my thought exactly, especially with Black and White. If I was working with them in the dark room I would be using filters, dodging and burning, and trying a lot of different exposures. It is no different with scanned negatives.


  2. I’ve been getting these ‘chubby rolls’, but for color film only. I’m not loading it any differently than the B&W. So I’ve just stopped shooting color in the Holgas. Solves the problem for me. It’s never come up with any of my real cameras.


  3. The title of this post is basically my wish list for the year. Fuji 645, Pentax 67, camping trips. Sadly, fathering a two year old makes all three of these things unlikely in the near term.


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