Week 28: Photographing an interview at the IAP

This week I was asked my friend Jean Mouette if I could come and take photographs during a video interview he was making of astrophysicist Kumiko Kotera. Kumiko is a world expert on high energy cosmic rays and the video will appear on the Lagrange Institute website in the coming weeks. Kumiko explained very lucidly what our current state knowledge of high energy cosmic rays is, together with what we hope to learn from future large experiments. I am looking forward to seeing the film !

Some technical comments: Jean filmed the video in the IAP amphitheater using a Sony A7s. This camera has excellent low-light sensitivity. I had to plead with Mr. Mouette not to not turn off the blackboard lights at the start of the filming because with my Leica equipped with an f2.0 lens and 400 ISO film it would have been impossible for me to take pictures! As it turned out, with the blackboard lights on, there was just enough light. The photographs turned out very well. As I mentioned last week, this Fomapan 400 film is special: a lovely glow appears around bright light sources, which you can see very clearly in the images. The portraits look soft and old-fashioned. I am not sure I would use this kind of film for everything, but for portraits like this it works very well.


At JM’s insistence, of course I took a few pictures “behind the scenes”, which I think are perhaps more interesting !


That’s it !

Technical details: Like last time, I used “Fomapan action 400”, developed in HC110B. Camera is a Leica M6 with a 50mm/f2.0 Summicron. But there is one image in there which I used a 35mm focal length I admit :-).



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