Glutton for failure

I need to stop shooting expired film.   Somewhat expired film can be arty.  But too expired, and film that probably wasn’t stored well, just makes for terrible results.

Todd gave me a FED2, and I put a roll of film through it a few weeks ago, and it worked fine.  This week, it didn’t go so well.   I was shooting some rolls I got from a random guy I met in a Tacoma camera store, who had brought his old gear in for appraisal.   He said the film was 20 years old.        It was old Kodak Gold.   It appeared to be in mint condition, but it was probably heat damaged.    I over exposed by a stop, but that wasn’t enough, or it was just too far gone.

These were with a 35mm Canon screw-mount lens I have.



Its interesting how the red cup kept its color.

These are with a 15mm Voigtlander f/4.5 lens, which I’ve used many times in the past.


This is from the same roll as above.


This light part shows up over the whole roll, at regular intervals.  It’s not in the same place in the frames.  No idea what its from.  Leaky cassette? Maybe it was crushed a bit?  The film was in plastic snap-shut containers, like  you usually see.


These brighter spots only happened on this one roll, so I know its not the camera doing it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some more rolls from that batch that I need to throw away.   :-/





One thought on “Glutton for failure

  1. Funny, I just made the same experience recently. While trying to figure out where in the chain was the reason for bad results I used a reliable camera and lens and sent the – outdated – film to the lab (to avoid faults in developing or scanning). And they told me it was impossible to get proper results due to the crappy film, spoiled by the ages of not using it in time. So it feels good to hear your story – makes me feel not to be all alone with this problem. Anyone out there in need of old material? 😀


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