Week 30: Jennifer’s Brunch

A friend asked me to photograph a brunch after what was supposed to be a birthday party the night before.  As it turns out she and her boyfriend threw a surprise wedding.  I was glad that she had a wedding photographer the night before so I could celebrate with her but it was also nice to spend the morning with her and her family.

I used my digital rig primarily and brought my N90s as a secondary camera.  I loaded it with Kodak Portra 160.  The room had some beautiful sunlight streaming in so I tried to use it to my advantage.  My digital camera had a flash setup but I just used natural light for the film camera.

In addition to taking environmental shots one of the mothers asked me to quickly shoot a portrait of a little boy who doesn’t like to have his picture taken.  I was warned.  I was able to get him to work with me when I told him that I was working on a project and that, if he let me take his picture, he would be part of my project and be on the Internet.  It worked.  He was great, mom was happy and all ends well.


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