Week 32: Peachtree Plaza Hotel

This week our extended family went to the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel in downtown Atlanta.  The Peachtree Plaza is the 2nd tallest all-hotel tower in the US and 17th world wide.  We enjoyed a lunch at the restaurant on the top floors of the hotel which rotate.  From your table, every 60 minutes you get a full view of downtown Atlanta.

This week I went with the Nikon L35AF and Fuji Fujicolor 200 film.  This camera was given to me by my mother (no heavy strings attached like my pervious post).  From what I gather from other posts online, this is the first “point and shoot”, auto focus camera from Nikon introduced in 1983.  It turned out to be a service-able camera that had some nice results.


I felt I had to include at least one picture of the Atlanta Olympic park some 20 years after the current olympics.  I did try to spare you with all of the pictures of family.  I’m sure anyone following my posts are tired of seeing my kids at this point.


3 thoughts on “Week 32: Peachtree Plaza Hotel

  1. I’m sorry but how can you tire of seeing kids? 😀 BTW, I’m always amazed how people can take great shots with point & shoot cameras. I’ve never managed to feel at home with them.


  2. Family Photos are very important. But please remember to print them (or store the negatives well). I’ve really enjoyed looking at old family photos…….Especially my Father’s photos from post WWII Italy.


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