Week 30 More Bermuda

I have fallen behind again, although not too drastically as of yet. For Week 30 I’m posting another roll shot in Bermuda. I used my trusty Nikon FE on the entire trip, and only my 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor lens. The film for this week is Svema 125. I’ve shot this before and liked it a lot for its vintage-y look. I wasn’t sure how it would work for something where I wanted a bit more true to life color, but decided to push it one stop to get more saturation. As it turns out that worked quite well due to the sea/sky colors in Bermuda.

The next few were taken on a visit to the Bermuda Zoo and Aquarium. For such a small place they have a really nice facility. They redid a lot after the hurricanes in 2014 so it’s even better than before. I took these shots while the divers were cleaning the largest tank which is  open to the sky above and simulates the local marine ecosystem.


Here is one from the zoo area


This next is pretty much my favorite from the whole trip, even though it is less than perfect. Taken from the play/patio area looking out from Flatts toward Hamilton.


The next few were taken at an open air restaurant overlooking the new marina which was just built at the Hamilton Princess hotel. And here is my cute as a button grandson.

These were taken through the window glass at the airport. The clouds are always amazing. The only place that even comes close for cloud beauty is Montana. But there’s no ocean there.

I finished up the roll at home. I am pretty pleased with the roses, taken in my dining room. The other two were taken at the Del Mar track (where the turf meets the surf…..etc.) on my birthday.


In conclusion, I like this film a lot. Some people don’t like its green cast but that ‘s one of the features I enjoy and which I think suits it to particular environments.



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