52 Rolls Week 32:52

Sharing a few odds and ends……From a Trip over Loveland Pass (US Highway 6) a couple of weeks ago. We do this several times a year, including winter.  This 11,000+ ft Pass is kept open so that trucks carrying hazardous materials can bypass the Eisenhower Tunnels.

We start with the approach from the west side:


And look back from the top towards A-Basin Ski Resort (towards the right side of the image and continuing behind the slope int eh foreground).  Usually the First open and last to close for the season.


Pinholes, and more images of  Loveland Pass from other trips can be viewed here. 


And always a clear and present danger in the high country:


Tech Info:  Holga 120N, Kodak T-MAX 400, developed and scanned by Oldschool Photo Labs.


4 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 32:52

    • I like the Holga because it gives you that old ‘Brownie’ camera feeling…….Nothing has changed in the past 50 years except some new pavement. This road has been here in some form or another for almost 100 years….

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  1. Oh you utter overachieving b*****d*, 52 already and these are lovely and beautifully varied. The b&w family (?) scene is a cracker.

    Not sure if you’ll talk to me now you’ve gone posh though?

    *I do know him IRL 😉


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