Week 31 Mexico! And Meditation

I’m a bit behind due to the current chaotic nature of my life. But I am sticking to shooting film as a kind of anchor when everything else seems out of control. So in week 31 my husband and I headed across the border in search of tile and sinks. It used to be a frequent day trip since we live only 45 minutes from the border. We’d go to Puerto Nuevo for lobster or La Fonda for brunch. After the drug thing got weird about 6 or 7 years ago we stopped going. But we’re building a new house and some of our favorite pieces in our current home are hand painted tiles and porcelain sinks from Mexico. So off we set.

What we found was a massively rebuilt and modernized Tijuana in which we got very lost since the major boulevards are all changed and everything has been turned into strip malls. I think it’s a sign the Mexican economy is doing better. But we did finally find a couple of old school tile places and bought some beautiful tile for our outdoor shower (it’s a beach thing).

However, crossing back into the US was a nightmare. We had heard they upgraded the number of stations and streamlined the process. Hardly. We spent 2.5 hours in line being hounded by vendors selling all kinds of crazy stuff. So I amused myself taking photos of some of the stands selling flavor of chips you won’t find anywhere else. Also bootleg CDs of everything

I especially enjoyed the giant add for the funeral home. I felt like I might end up there.


Even the vendors seemed like they were over it

After that I needed to chill out. So the next day I went to my favorite quiet space, the SRF meditation garden, and tried out the color frame film. I was pretty happy with these.


Peace out

Lots of good stuff coming up next from the rolls I shot on an outing at the race track with the local digital gear heads.


2 thoughts on “Week 31 Mexico! And Meditation

    • I know. I love it, too. I get to see medieval towns, big European cities, historical reenactments, and actual weather! It’s a great deal for all of us šŸ˜

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