52:500c – Week 38 – Saturday Morning Coffee

I got inspired by fellow 52-Roller, filmphotographylondon and their Week 29 post “Gotta Have Coffee”. And thought to myself, well I could do something similar in Toronto, Ontario! So here I am at Week 38. I had accompanied Heather into the city as she was attending a conference relating to her job that day. So I hit the streets in search of the various coffee houses that sprinkle the city.



It was a little more painful than I was expecting. I had done the usual searches on Google Maps and BlogTO to try and get some semblance of a route to take through the city’s downtown core. I didn’t get anywhere with my searches. So I just decided to freestyle it on my own two feet with the tripod mounted Hasselblad over my shoulder like I would my flintlock musket. It is hard to locate these elusive coffee shops, at least in the area of the city I frequented. I did end up finding the twelve images (sadly one was way out of focus). But this past weekend when I was pack in the city for another event, I only then realized I was in the completely wrong area, I should have gone up into Koreatown, the Annex, and Little Italy, the shops there are a dime a dozen. Ah well, good exercise!



And yes, I did get to enjoy a Saturday Morning Coffee with Heather on the subway as we rode into the city together from the outer parts of Toronto, because neither of us wanted to drive into that part of the city, it’s annoying, and the cost of parking is horrendous. My torture of RPX 100 continues this week with shooting the film at ASA-32 and souping it in Xtol, just like my Panatomic-X trick with TMax 100 and sure enough, we have another winner!




Hasselblad 500c – Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm 1:2.8 – Rollei RPX 100 @ ASA-32
Kodak Xtol (1+1) 8:45 @ 20C
Meter: Gossen Lunasix F
Scanner: Epson V700
Editor: Adobe Photoshop CC (2015)


2 thoughts on “52:500c – Week 38 – Saturday Morning Coffee

  1. It’s a cool idea. I’m doing the same with the pubs in our city. There’s a book produced in the UK called the Good Beer Guide (by CAMRA, the CAMpaign for Real Ale) and it lists the best pubs in the country. There are 11 within the city and I plan to shoot them as you have, but also with some details of the interiors. For the most part they are old-fashioned ‘drinking-pubs’, rather than the gentrified ‘gastropubs’ that are becoming more common…


    • Thanks! Oh nice on the pubs, I plan on doing that as well before the project is out in Toronto as there are several nice watering holes in the city with big beer lists! Found a new one on Saturday actually.

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