Fuji GSW690III

More film developed from the August 7th trip to Lester, Washington, where there are a few abandoned buildings.
Christian lent me his FujiGSW690III for a few rolls.  I loved it.   Such resolution!  But it eats film.  I was torn between G.A.S. and being a little glad I didn’t have it, because you only get 8 shots per roll.    Compare that with my Fuji 645, which gives you 16 shots per roll.
With this camera, I felt like I was changing film quite often  (though I only shot about 3 rolls).

But I sure like the results.  I could see that using this camera carefully & slowly can produce some good results, and the extra developing cost is worth it.

I scanned these on my Epson & edited them in Lightroom. I admit I pushed up the color a little too much.   But its the way I remember that day.  It was a little chilly, and the woods were damp and fantastic.


I’m sure I’ll go back there sometime, even though I’ve seen all there is to see.


One thought on “Fuji GSW690III

  1. The Fuji Medium Format cameras are true gems! I had a chance last year to shoot with their 6×8 camera a real beast but a great system. And my favourite 4×5 lens is my Fujinon-W 125mm.


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