Week 39: Push Off

The 52 Rolls Project has led me to shoot (a lot) more film which has been mostly good, but not always. There have been several weeks where I’ve resorted to snapshots, just to tick off the week, and 39 was one of those. Similar weeks have occasionally produced the odd photograph that I’ve been pleased with though, so everything is not lost.

To make week 39’s film doubly disappointing, I used Kodak TMax 400, pushed to 1600 as an experiment. As with the previous occasion that I’ve pushed a black and white 400 film to 1600, I’m not happy with the results, being grainy and contrasty and difficult to scan satisfactorily. I also struggled to get the film onto the tank reel, taking 4-5 attempts. In doing so, I kinked the film and wrote off a couple of frames.

All in all, not a great roll…Pushed TMax (1 of 9)-2.jpgpushed-tmax-2-of-9pushed-tmax-3-of-9pushed-tmax-4-of-9pushed-tmax-5-of-9pushed-tmax-6-of-9pushed-tmax-7-of-9pushed-tmax-9-of-9


Leica M6, 35mm Summicron-M ASPH, Kodak TMax 400 pushed to 1600, Ilfotec HC for 9:15 in the kitchen sink.

My previous entries on 52 rolls are here.


4 thoughts on “Week 39: Push Off

  1. I often found in my past ’52 roll’ projects, hell even this one, that sometimes having a ‘snapshot’ week is good. Helps you refocus and refresh. Keeps the mind sharp.

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  2. That TMax looks really good at 1600. You probably know this already but I always put a sterilising tablet in the tank with the reel after processing, then give the reel a gentle scrub with an old toothbrush, and pop it in the airing cupboard. :>)

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