Kodak 5222 and the Steam Plant

Last Saturday I met up with the weekly film meetup at All City Coffee (best coffee in Seattle) and then we went over to the Georgetown Steam Plant, which is open only a few hours every 2nd Saturday.  The plant is no longer operational, but great to shoot in, although the light is kinda dim for slower films, despite the huge windows.

Christian had ordered a bulk roll of some Kodak 5222, and gave me a roll in a re-loadable cassette.  Here’s a little more about that film.

I shot it using the FED2 that Todd gave me a few weeks ago, and a Canon 35mm lens.  The viewfinder assumes you’re shooting with a 50mm lens..and there’s no way to see a wider view (I think).   Maybe you are supposed to buy a viewfinder to match your focal length that sits in the flash shoe?     I just composed assuming I’d get more in the frame.

Here’s my shots:




8 thoughts on “Kodak 5222 and the Steam Plant

  1. Superb, especially the one with Rick looking up from his 4×5. Is there a smear or glancing flare on the lens or something (there’s a recurring cluster of white ‘smoke’ in the upper center-right of many frames?)


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