Roll 4/52 The rush Ilford Hp5 400/800 push

A time to repose with take away

Prepping for a trip I had left loose ends of many things, this roll for example was developed and emailed to me once already into my trip. Now it has been finding the time (and wifi) to do a write up. Contrary to the title this roll wasnt shot in a rush, simply the Mamiya was taken with me on my movements, to work, late night feed, hanging out with the family and so on, the rush came a head when with a day left to go and a 3am check-in meant checking and double checking. 

Checking found my dads trusty Ricoh in need of repair and with a small electrical issue that time didnt allow to fix. As luck would have it I found a clean example of a Nikon Fm3a at an attractive price within a day, and swooping it up was a great decision, one I have not regretted as its a solid performer and with one weeks ownership has already seen 5 rolls on this trip so far. Cheers to you Nikon.

This roll from memory is Ilford Hp5 pushed for 800, and it it a damn solid performer. Im usually fairly methodical about my notations inpar due to a desire to learn different film characteristics, but insofar I have only had the chance to record the rolls and their respective dates. Still a plus!

Next weeks roll will be a late one, but is coming all the way from Japan. Check back in soon.


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