Roll 6/52 Japan, the great escape part 2


Saki barrels at Meiji Jingu. 

This roll is Kodak Ektar 100 shot on the Mamiya 645 super.
Shot in Shibuya, namely Yoyogi park, and Meiji Jingu shrine that is encapsulated by the park itself. The area is huge, and being blessed with a warm bright day, it felt like everyone was there, surrounded by tourists; a feeling which was unrelenting until getting on the train back to leave Japan 2 weeks after we got there. The last remaining images were shot in Kyoto a few days later at Tenryu-ji which is next door to the bamboo forest of Arashiyama featured in yesterdays post. The coming posts will have overlap due to carrying 2 film backs and a 35mm SLR.

I am certain medium format and especially this particular system can be comfortably acquired by the average citizen, at a (relatively) low entry cost, and within a short learning period can be producing some memorable and pleasing results.
If your on two minds of getting in film photography, and are pining for something that gives excellent sharpness out of the box, then these seemigly deemed outdated and rejected devices are sure to fill the void.


Yoyogi park


Yoyogi park


Entry to Meiji Jingu 


The ever present crowds


Gardens of Tenryu-ji


Gardens of Tenryu-ji


Looking in looking out- Tenryu-ji






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3 thoughts on “Roll 6/52 Japan, the great escape part 2

    • Thank you very much, the credit goes to ektar for the wonderful colours. The lighting was especially nice that day and added to the textures of the barrels and so they really stuck out. Thanks for stopping by.


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