Week 43.1: In the galleries: Maurizio Cattelan at the Monnaie de Paris

Returning from Ireland I had some time with ML to visit a few galleries in Paris and take pictures, in particular the Maurizio Cattelan show at the monnaie de Paris. Cattelan is a contemporary Italian …sculptor, I guess. He is very funny, irreverent and though-provoking. He appears himself: here you can see his head sticking out of a hole they made in the floor. Look over the hole and you will see his surrogate is standing on a pile of books…


In the hole

One of his most famous sculptures seems to be, from behind, a praying schoolboy (this work is always facing into the wall, so one has to walk close to see what it is). Walking close one discovers that it is actually…


You may know this man…

The Monnaie de Paris is a monumental location and Cattelan makes a good use of this space:


In the monnaie

His most famous work is pope Jean-Paul struck by a meteorite. What I really like about photographing in galleries is that people of course think you are taking pictures of the work but that is not always the case :-).


Lastly, a few hundred metres away I went into this gallery and saw some Jean Tinguely. I don’t really care for Tinguely, but I didn’t turn around and leave after I saw these two interesting characters. In my haste I made a mistake on the exposure alas, but something came out (I don’t think it is possible to over-expose on film taking pictures inside, and from now on I will dial down aggressively…)


At the Tinguely

On the Sunday, we were lucky to make a short drive with ML’s family to the seaside: I’ll show those in my next post.

Technical notes. Camera: A Leica M6 with a Summicron-M f2.0/50mm. Film: Tri-X 400 @ 1600 in HC110 B at 14mins.


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