Fisheye at the Locks

A few film nuts and I (included) met up at the Ballard Locks for some random shooting.   We were there because it was the annual inspection, and they drain one of the locks, so you can see how deep it really is.

I brought along my Minolta XG1 and a 16mm fisheye.  I was shooting some old bulk rolled ISO 100 speed black & white a friend gave me.   … ISO 100.   I should have shot it at ISO 25.   I don’t know how old it is.   Black & white is supposed to need less overexposure with age, but this stuff needed a bunch.   This is the price I pay for always shooting expired film, and shifting randomly between rolls.   I never get used to a particular film.
So they were all underexposed.
Here’s the ones I could sort of salvage.


Big metal curling sculptures.


Those are inspectors in hard hats.


Ne’er do wells.


This one indoor shot wasn’t bad, exposure-wise.


Enter a caption


Rockin’ the Fuji 645.



Almost at closest focal distance.



This is the channel that wasn’t drained.

It was a fun few hours.  Then we went for a bite nearby.

Today I ran a roll of the same film through the camera at ISO 25..and it was OK.  I could probably even shoot it at ISO 12.


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