Week 40: Anime Weekend Atlanta

I know it has been quite a while since I have last posted.  By my account I am five to six weeks behind on posting.  I have been shooting and developing film but my diligence on posting to the forum in a timely manner has been lacking.

This post covers a “con” in Atlanta that happens in the office complex where I work.  This is an annual gathering of anime fans who dress as their favorite characters.  For someone who is not into the scene, it is easy to photograph because of all the work these people put into their costumes.  They want to be recognized for their hard work and commitment and have no problems with people taking their pictures.

I used my trusty Nikon N90s but I used two rolls of film extracted from disposable cameras.  We purchased disposable cameras for one of my daughters summer trips.  She never used them so I destroyed them in the effort to extract the film canisters.  After getting the film rolls out of the cameras I looked up the proper way to remove the film.  The result was some interesting light leaks but all in all some good results.

There are two rolls of 27 shots that were developed but I typically limit myself to less than ten shots on this site to save on space.


One thought on “Week 40: Anime Weekend Atlanta

  1. Great photos! You’re right, these events are fun to photograph. I happened on one at a local hotel about a year ago. As in your case, everyone was so proud of their costuming they were eager to pose. I have some really great photos from that event which I’ve used for a lot of project like cyanotyping and printing with solar dyes. There’s so much personality when they are dressed up and pretending to be someone else.


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