Boat ride with FED and pinhole

A friend, Sean, was moving his boat from one marina to another on Lake Union in Seattle.  He invited me and some other photographers along for the ride.   There was Leila, and Todd & his wife Lisa.  And a friend of Sean’s, who was shooting with an Olympus Pen.

I was shooting with a FED2, with a Voigtlander 15mm lens on it.   The 15mm is way wider than the viewfinder on the FED, so I got a $15 Holga fisheye viewfinder on ebay (this), and added some gaffer tape to the top & sides to simulate the 15mm view.

I was also shooting with a square format 3D printed pinhole camera that Todd made, on a gorillapod.

I was just shooting snaps with the FED, but I wanted to use the movement of the boat to blur the background on the pinhole.   My exposures were about 18 seconds.   I was using some 2004 TMAX film.

Here’s the FED shots:


And the pinhole photos:



His head was moving, so it became a blur.


I should have agitated more when i developed it.   At first I was disappointed, but now I like the extra random patterns.



Trying to capture the moving wake of the boat.


Boat wake with the Aurora bridge.


The bridge again.

It was a fun outing.  Then some of us went for pints.


2 thoughts on “Boat ride with FED and pinhole

  1. These are great! Everything about them 🙂 The 15mm lens. Those cameras of Todd’s – he must be a master of the perfect pinhole because they are always so clear. The personal flotation devices, irregular but then so were the cameras so that is fitting. The boat is to die for, a beautiful craft inside and out. I can easily imagine the warm tones of all the varnished mahogany, and the rumble of a couple? of V8’s.


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