Week 43 Panorama pinhole

As mentioned in the last post I also took my nearly new Ondu pinhole with me on the cemetery outing. I used it with color film for the first time -a roll of expired Kodak Gold 200 just expired in 2012. I am really excited about these color images. I need to find time to work with the pinhole more as I love the dreamy effect. In one part of the cemetery there is a huge lily pond. The late afternoon sun was just right for photographing here.


I took some other nice shots of my favorite statuary and the grounds in general.



As an experiment I tried shooting some inside the mausoleum. I confess I was mostly guessing about exposure times but a few turned out well. These are shots of some stained glass in the ceiling, and at the end of a hallway.


I haven’t shot a panoramic format before getting this camera. The combination of the wide view and the dreamy pinhole effect has me hooked. There will be more.


7 thoughts on “Week 43 Panorama pinhole

  1. The format is great, and the dreamy effect too. Nice to see the mausoleum this way and with your other recent shots for comparison. Do you think the colour in the indoor pinhole shots is lighting effect or reciprocity shift?

    This must be pinhole day or week around here as espressobuzz just posted some, and my next roll up has lots on it too, though not as nice as either yours or his.


    • Thanks for the kind words. Im not sure what you mean by the color in the indoor shots, specifically. Do you mean the greenish cast in the one shot? That may be an effect of the lighting. I am noticing more pinholes. I think people like the look and also it’s just such a basic, primitive format and takes a lot of tinkering to figure out proper exposures. It’s a challenge.


      • I was thinking both of the last two ahots had a greenish cast and assumed if indoors or under cover might have much longer exposures and be pushing into some colour shifts just from that. But indoor lights is just as likely, or more so.

        I got my pinhile shots out of sequence. One more day! I like pinhole but my polaroid pinhole takes film no longer made. I have bought but wont see till Feb a 35mm pinhole. Looking forward to that!


    • I am definitely still experimenting, but I’m hooked. I would like to do more shots with clouds or moving water to see the effects of that. Unfortunately I kind of love the panoramic format, although this camera has inserts that allow shooting regular 35mm aspect, but burns through the film pretty fast in pano. I look forward to seeing your results!


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