Wide lens on a Holga

I misplaced my box of Holga accessories, which includes a wide angle lens.   But I wanted to shoot wider on a Holga, so I gaffer taped an old cheap video camera 0.6x adapter lens on the front.


It’s not on totally straight, but I didn’t care.   I expected that it would have really soft fall off focus around the edges, and it really did.

I took it to the main Democratic event on election night, and took a few shots of a great Balkan band, Orkestar Zirkonium.   (Here’s an older video of them.)

I was using the flash on the Holga.  The lens cast a shadow on the picture because it stuck out so much.


I’d like to try this again in daylight, and perhaps with the wide lens adapter I got with the Lomo Instant Wide camera.    Still, this was a fun experiment.


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