Wider Fuji645 and Pinhole

I got a Lomo Instax Wide, which came with a screw-on wide angle lens adapter.  It’s got threads, and one day I thought of screwing it onto my already-wide Fuji GA645Wi, which has a 45mm lens.  That’s about 28mm wide in regular 35mm cameras.    All I needed was a 52 to 49 step ring.

We went back to Seattle’s Museum of Communications in the Georgetown neighborhood.  I was shooting handheld, with ISO 400 (I think), but still, its a little dark in there, so I was shooting wide open at f/4.

Results:  its blurry to unsharp.    I’d like to give it one more try outside in sunlight at smaller apertures.


It’s a pretty fascinating place.

Also, I was shooting with Todd’s new 3d printed 6×6 pinhole camera.    I was on a tripod, but I was accidentally underexposing.    However, I like the darker results.

Afterwards, we went to a nearby park to shoot the hat & boots.   I like these shots a lot more.



2 thoughts on “Wider Fuji645 and Pinhole

  1. Cool place! Heaps of character. I felt like it was like being an ant looking through an astronauts helmet during take-off.


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