13/52 Seascapes

lighthouse-and-wavesspray-and-washI have been doing lots of walking on the beautiful beaches in Rhode Island.  This is a conglomeration of a few shoots, one in cold but serene conditions and the other in horizontal sea spray conditions.  Bad weather is a friend to the lens but the enemy to it also.  My camera at Sakonnet was awash in sea spray.  I had a bottle of lens cleaner and some wipes in my pocket and did my best to keep things relatively clean.  It led to softness on some of the images, salt on the lens is not a friend and the affected image of the fence posts still has its own character from the softness.  I had to time many of the images, getting close to the sea brought risk of a nasty dousing.  The sea foam shots were  longer exposure, approximately 8 – 10 seconds maybe 12 with a polarizer mounted.  I am too lazy and harried to write my exposure information down as I should.  Early post this week from knowing I will be very busy the rest of this week.  These were shot with a Hasselblad 503cx, 60mm and 80mm lenses.  Kodak Ektar.


13 thoughts on “13/52 Seascapes

  1. These are very good seascapes Lou. I especially like the foam ones, and the fence posts. It is not always that salt-spray+camera = bad news as you have demonstrated here.


      • I find street very difficult – hard to get right while maintaining the dignity of the subjects. I backed away from it after a while as it felt a bit invasive, though occasionally something presents itself that I can’t resist.


        • I kind of get a feel for things. I make eye contact with some people and know it’s ok to take the photograph. Sometimes I ask first and offer to send them a copy of the image. And I do send it. I try to pick an interesting scene and sit near it and wait for someone interesting to walk into it. We’ll see how I do. Will be going to NYC after the first of the year, it is street photography on steroids.

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            • Yes I sure will. My cousin lives in the City and is an avid photographer. He takes me on walks through Central Park and has great knowledge of the history. I go with my wife and daughters every year after the New Year and all the crazies have vacated.

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