Art in a park with a Bronica

Last month a group of folks had a small artsy get-together in a park.   I brought along a Bronica ETRSi and a Minolta 35mm camera with a 16mm fisheye lens on it.

I hadn’t shot the Bronica in a while, and the outdoor light would make shutter times faster.  This Bronica only has a top speed of 1/500th…….but it was a cloudy cold day, so even shooting wide open at f/2.8 on the 75mm lens, my shutter times were slow.   I was using some older 400 speed film, shooting at 100.

What I found out is that without a split image focusing screen, its not easy to focus this camera.   The image just gets sharper as you focus, with a little circle in the middle of the screen where it looks more starkly in or out of focus.   If there were a split image focusing screen for this, I’d buy it.   At the widest aperture, it wasn’t easy to focus.



She was serving tea.



It was a cold and windy afternoon.



Brief sun.


Here are the 35mm Minolta fisheye shots.  I was shooting color film, but it was old high speed film, which on some, was so grainy, I decided to save them as black & white.


I need another bright sunny day for this Bronica.   And less expired film.


4 thoughts on “Art in a park with a Bronica

  1. They all turned out great, with a smart move to b&w on the few. It worked well! Especially like the shot of the husky!


  2. Well done. I like the “net” shot. I find stabilizing the camera with the strap around my neck and pushing down with one hand and shutter on the other helps me get to slower shutter speeds with medium format SLRs camera. Looks like a fun crowd.


  3. Hi, that is interesting. I have an Zenza Bronica ETRSi (645) with the unmetered prism speed grip and a screen without focusing aid. Found it incredibly easy to focus (compared to say a 35mm camera – Nikon F2 SB recently with a Nikon F4 screen with just a microprism spot in the middle I hardly ever use), especially with the 75mm lens. Are you using the look down Viewfinder and might need help with focusing closely (near sightness), so it could be your eyes (no offense meant)?
    I am wearing glasses (-10, under-corrected because of difference between left and right eye – so I have yet not that much difficulties to focus on near objects – I am 51) and really need a good finder and the lack of “HiEyePoint” on my F2 bothjers me somewhat.

    There are screens for the ETR… on ebay, I had varying kind of luck with their condition, but got me a very bright and clean one after a while. Hope that helps!

    Nice pictures!

    Best Rolf


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