These shots chronicle a tenuous walk down the slippery steps to a rock formation that is treacherous and has claimed many lives.  I was in a safe spot walking somewhat gingerly from having twisted my knee navigating the rocks on the Ten Mile Drive.  Most of the shots were taken from a seat above the liquid carnage eroding in small layers the unyielding glacial carvings.  It was exhilarating to be there. Nevertheless I struggle from the tug of life to become one with the scenes.  The tug of life brings a rush to the shutter button.  Hopefully a day or many days of serenity and clarity will come.

These shots were made with a Hasselblad 203FE, 50mm lens.  Kodak TMax 400@400 and developed in Kodak HC 110 at 75 degrees for 7 minutes.  This film back is not working right so unfortunately I had to crop out a small portion of the top of each image.  It renders with an uneven line, the brake probably needs replacing.


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