Week 45 Odds and Ends

i just realized how badly behind I am since the photos I’m posting are from early November. I’d better hurry or I’m going to pass myself going into 2017 and be completely confused.

I’m going to post two oddball sets of film that worked their way into this time frame. As usual I was carrying around multiple cameras so both sets of images were made in the same locations, although they are quite different in appearance. The first set is an expired pack of Impossible color film. These were taken at yet another cemetery, one of the few in San Diego that has enough statuary to meet my standards.

I kind of like the color frames. I didn’t choose them but when you order expired film, which is much cheaper, they send whatever they have. I think it lends a whole extra dimension to the pictures.

This last is another attempt to capture the sunset from the deck of our never ending new house project.


The second roll was another shot in panoramic format on my Ondu, which I am really loving. These were shot at mid day, in contrast to my earlier panoramic cemetery shots which were taken late in the day. I think I’m starting to mastering timing on this camera although it’s always a bit of a crapshoot.

The final two were taken, again, from the deck of the new house. I think this may be a better way to capture sunsets. There are plenty to experiment with! The second shot has me a bit puzzled as it looks like lens flare in the center of the image but of course that isn’t possible with a pinhole. Anyone have any ideas?



5 thoughts on “Week 45 Odds and Ends

  1. These two sets of photos go very well together – the instant softness and lenseless softness go very well together. I would not have imagined liking the coloured borders, but I think they work very well. Especially in the second image where the border echos the memorial images on the monument.

    As to the flare, pinhole flare is a thing when shooting directly at the sun or very bright light like sun reflecting off a window. At least that is what my reading tells me. When making a pinhole camera I tried to paint the inside of the pinhole black (with a marker pen) and have not seen any flare yet. On the other hand, I have not used it a lot and don’t think I have shot directly into the sun either. This reference has a great example, and some explanation too: http://pinhole.stanford.edu/howitworks/TS.htm


  2. Those coloured backgrounds cheer the cemetery up if that’s possible :>) there is quite an old cemetery not too far from where I live, you have inspired me to go and have a look.


    • I really got interested in the statuary. Headstones don’t do much for me. There’s a great cemetery in LA where many of the statue have a distinctly non religious feel, even if they are wearing wings.

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  3. Interesting that they create a vignette background for you. I’ve heard of this type of film. What type of film was it?


  4. It’s Impossible film. They regularly sell off expired film since it doesn’t have a very long shelf life. They also have some nice circular vignette black and white (or used to anyway, haven’t checked lately).


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