Santa Ex Machina

The Olympus XA2 was the camera I took from my parents when I went off to college.  It was my first camera, and I used it a lot in college, even after I got a Pentax ME Super.
It’s so compact, has a great lens, and is an excellent point & shoot.
When I shoot with one, I remember the spontaneity of college & the stuff I shot back then.

I took it out the other night on a bar crawl with a bunch of Santas.

I was using the optional flash (AA battery).   The only thing you need to remember is to set the focal range.   It has little icons to tell you the ranges.  (Waist up, two full people, mountains)    I sometimes forget to set this correctly, but tonight I only messed up once or twice.   It resets when you close the camera.

I got the film developed at a nearby drug store, and scanned them with an Epson.



Focus is wrong, but I like the circular spots.



Juke box selection


I really enjoyed contributing to 52 rolls this year.   It was a great incentive to shoot film as often as I could.    If it happens again in 2017, I’d love to participate.
Overall, I shot less digital in 2016 than 2015, but I shot as much film.    I filled another 3-ring binder full of negative sleeves.

Thanks for letting me participate in 52rolls!


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