Week 45: Georgia Tech Football

Before I get into the post I want to share a few things I have learned recently.  When you want to review, edit and publish a large number of photographs, don’t try to use new software and expect it to work like the programs you are used to .  The second is that I need to request the “enhanced” scans from the company that has been developing my film.  The standard ones, just ain’t cutting it.  What I really want to do is get the gear and develop my own film but that’s a project for the new year.

Fall in the south means football.  In my opinion, one of the reasons Atlanta couldn’t sustain a professional hockey team was due to the fact the NHL season overlaps with college football. Being originally from the North, we enjoyed football but it wasn’t a religion.  Here in the South going to a college football game is an experience all onto itself. In fact to give you an idea of how crazy it is, the Georgia Tech fight song contains the phrase “to hell with Georgia” in reference to their state rival football team.  I love the fall.

On this trip to Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field (I kid you not, that is how they refer to the stadium), I brought my trusty Nikon N90s and Ilford Delta 100 film.  I kept a 50 mm lens on to give a feel of how the game looks from our seats.



2 thoughts on “Week 45: Georgia Tech Football

  1. You give a great idea of the game atmosphere here, the 50mm lens was a good choice for doing that. Looks like you have excellent seats as well!

    The American fervor for college (and high school) football never fails to astonish me. The proof begins with the infrastructure – the size of this stadium is amazing. I understand there are American college stadiums that are larger than anything in the CFL, the Canadian professional league. It seems counter-intuitive that all those funds, education $$ as it were, are pumped into sport. I suppose the whole team spirit thing has some benefits to the colleges and students on the more academic side of things, or it wouldn’t thrive. Would it?

    There is no Canadian equivalent with ice hockey – the teams are followed, but the arenas are modest and the funds involved are as well. In Canada the development of hockey players for professional league mostly happens outside the universities and colleges in junior hockey leagues. Kids who are serious about both hockey and education usually end up at an American university.

    Photographing college football is a great way to begin depicting American culture. It feels so foreign to me, even though I lived and worked in Washington state (for a very sports oriented university) for several years, and went to junior and high school in WA and Wisconsin for a while as well.

    Not sure where my mini-essay comes from, but it was spawned by your photographs, so that must mean they have done a really good job of story telling.


  2. Great photos! I am a big college football fan although not a Southerner – my son just graduated from U of Oregon. Never been to a game but love to watch on TV.


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