Week 51: Christmas 2016

If you have read pretty much any of my posts over the last year you are aware that I have two young children.  For them, and for us, Christmas is a very important time of the year.  A few years ago I photographed our entire Christmas day using a Polaroid pack camera; just the way I remember it from my youth.  This year I decided to dedicate this weeks roll to this most important day.

Our mornings usually start very early with the little ones getting us up pre-dawn.  I go down stairs before everyone and man the camera and video equipment laid out the night before.  I have to go down first to make sure Santa didn’t move anything…  Once in position, the girls come down to see what, if anything, was left for them.  I absolutely love their initial expressions.  This year, my youngest received the stuffed giraffe she wanted so much.

Once we are done at our house we travel the short distance to my in-laws.  Here we meet up with my wife’s brother’s family.  We have a tradition of “the picture”.  Since 2004 we have taken the same picture, with everyone in the same position.  It is amazing to watch everyone mature.

The pictures posted below are from the morning at our house and the afternoon with my in-laws.  I used my ever trusty Nikon N90s with Kodak Gold 200 and an SB 600 flash unit.


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