Week Zero : In Between

I thought a lot about whether I would commit to doing this project for a second year. I realize there’s no penalty if you don’t complete, but I like to keep my word, even if it’s just a deal I made with myself. With that in mind, I reviewed the past year and found that, like my life in general, I was all over the map. While that works okay for some things, I would like to develop more photo skills and specifically with medium format.  Anyway, I’ve decided to return with the intention to post only medium format work so if I do have ADD moments (which I will) they won’t be shared here. I have a Pentax 67 which I really love and which always produces beautiful pictures.  It doesn’t get used much because it’s a bit of a beast but really for medium format it’s pretty easy to use. I also have a beautiful Agfa Isolette which I bought to replace my late lamented Voigtlander Perkeo. The idea is to have a medium format camera that’s easy to carry but still takes good pictures. I’ve had it six months and haven’t yet used it. I also just bought (because I can’t help myself) a Diana F+ despite my professed hatred for Holgas, which it seems to be a big sister to. So….my intention will be to post 52 rolls of film shot on these cameras before the end of 2017. I’m already behind as I haven’t shot anything but I’m going by rolls this year instead of weeks so ….yeah. Hope to have some rolls to post soon.

PS For those who are new to the site I’m Barbara and I live in Cardiff by the Sea, California where it is always beautiful except when we have crazy rain.


4 thoughts on “Week Zero : In Between

  1. Medium format is fun and addictive…..those large negatives are just soooo beautiful. Looking forwad to your work this year…


  2. Thanks! I have shot a couple of rolls already, just need to get out the chems. I also vowed to develop my own color this year since it is so pricey and I’ve been doing my own black and white for a while.


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