10 / 52 rolls.net

After my last 2 disaster rolls,I had to go into the back and check why I was getting nothing on film …and like I thought , I loaded the film wrong!? How does this happen? I really don’t know what I was thinking.So this morning I had to go out and shot a roll and develop it and get back on track.

These were takin at Rocky Point,Warwick RI. The bottom ones were near the Aldrich Mansion….

Im just glad their was nothing wrong with the camera and it was just me that messed it up.Pics were taken with my Bronica etrsi….120 film,400Tmax. And I want to give thanks for all the help lasousa2015 gave me,thanks for looking!


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  2. I grew up across the bay from Rocky Point. We used to sail our 19 footer across, anchor and swim in and go into the park. It often was a bit dicey getting back to the boat, it gets pretty rough out there. I haven’t gone into the new park, perhaps I’ll take a run there tomorrow. Glad you got things figured out. I have done the same thing, just got a blank roll back from Printmakers and I’m sure that is what happened. I see you bought a rangefinder, Ricoh 500. Focusing with a rangefinder can be a challenge but with practice and learning the camera I am sure you’ll do great. Often it is nigh on impossible and I just resort to using the depth of field scale on the lens.

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    • I like trying different cameras out..the Ricoh is pretty cool.. yes with lots of use could get better.. but have a problem… I have a bronica etrsi that I love… and a yashica mat and Nikon fm… so hard to fit it in.. lol. I’m lucky that my job has me traveling.. I go to New York a lot… you could spend a lifetime just shooting there…today I’m in Long Island.. gonna take the bronica out for awhile.. but hopefully the weather holds up…can’t wait for warmer weather, happy shooting!


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