Roll 16/52 Kodak TMax 400/1600 push


Guess what happened? Nights happen, and nights also happen with the only colour film on hand being ektar 100;that wont do! So digging into the arsenal I loaded some Tmax 400 into the Mamiya 645 super, and assumed the worst, needless to say, film keeps, and keeps and keeps on surprising me. Where was this? Still in Japan, Osaka to be exact, with the last two frames carried over to Tokyo. All hand held, missed focus, sloppy framing, warts and all, and due to all that, and Tmaxs performance at 1600, i felt a quick upload with the single roll was all that was necessary, and frankly all i had time for today. More in the next upload from Nara.


Oh and as a narrative, this was one of the best sushi places in Osaka that we had the pleasure of dining in for what its worth.




One thought on “Roll 16/52 Kodak TMax 400/1600 push

  1. I really like these. After a year of investigating various films, I’m coming back to Tmax. Had no idea Tmax 400 could be pushed to 1600 and look so good.

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