31/52 Pirhouette with a Retinette

My friend Lisa Greany Raiola found a folding Kodak Retinette during her home visit to Montana.  She took it home and dropped it off to MidState Camera for a look through.  I picked it up for her and ran a roll of TriX through it.  I read the directions first but….I loaded the film and set the counter but as far as I know I set the counter at 1 which the little darling interpreted as a ‘finished’ roll meaning no more shutter and no more winding.  I struggled along, trying to wind on the film, sometimes succeeding and sometimes not and often shooting unintended double exposures.  Finally I figured out the film counter problem, but my early niggles resulted in the first half of the roll looking like a long strip of half eaten swiss cheese, all torn and shredded.  Insert the film, set the film counter to the number of shots on the roll, good to go.  The shutter button will not work unless film is loaded in the camera and the counter is properly set (as far as I can discern).  I cleaned up the camera, lightly oiled the joints for the lens release – it now pirhouettes out like a lithe dancer – and fixed the self timer just by exercising it, shined up the beautiful leather case.  Good to go.  I was quite impressed by the Schneider lens’ character.  The shutter speeds at all speeds seem a bit faster than advertised.  I shot using Sunny 16 and all shots were a half stop to a stop underexposed so the exposure was fixed in Lightroom.  Other than that these are all Retinette aged 60 or more years.  Not too shabby.  Lots of fun and time to send this one off to its rightful home.



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