13 / 52 rolls……

In week 13 I wanted to do some shooting ,but I wanted to use the westin master 2 lightmeter for the whole roll.Ive been bouncing around using different meters,so I figured lets stick to one.I also recorded all my settings for each shot……

In this set above, the one and look I wanted came from the reading off the nikon fm……….(3rd pic) seems like the readings I was getting from the westin was over exposed …….The next 5 below seemed to be a little better,the streaks in the 3rd pic was caused from when I wound the roll on the developing spool……….

Then I thought I would try some night time shots……

Thats it for week 13….hopefully the weather gets better ,getting lots of rain here….Of course these were shot with the Bronica ETRSi,and my fav Ilford HP5…..next week I have a roll of Arista ED ultra 400 to try out…see you then and thanks for looking!!


11 thoughts on “13 / 52 rolls……

  1. Hi Andre, I like the first night shot of the cove. On the shots from inside the hotel, how were you metering? Were you metering from the point of the subject or from the point of the camera looking to the subject? It looks like the Nikon metered off of the building across the street as it is neutral gray. I think the best way to test the meter is outdoors. Using incident (from the subject pointing to the camera) and then reflective (from the camera to subject). Zero out the camera with no exposure compensation. Meter from the subject with the Weston. Do this with half a dozen shots or so. You can’t compare the reflective metering of the Nikon to the incident of the Weston, two different things. Then do a half dozen shots using reflective — meter with the Weston from the point of view of the camera and set up the Nikon with that reading. Lastly do a few shots of the same subjects using the Nikon’s meter. Then compare. It looks like the Nikon’s meter is accurate. Hope this makes sense. Another idea is if you have a digital meter test the Weston against it in both types of metering. I have tried a bunch. The one I have settled on is the Sekonic L398. It is accurate and small enough to not overwhelm my bag. I also use a Sekonic digital for spot and average metering with landscapes. Lou.

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    • Thank you I will try this…shots from hotel were from camera to subject….I’ve been doing reflective metering… will try incident,thanks


    • Lou, I was also looking at that sekonic l 398, had a chance to get one for $100,should have taken it….gonna search..not sure how to do incident reading with the westin


      • Just take the reading from the subject looking back to your expected camera position. The L398 is a great meter. Make sure it has the “H” slide on the back. In bright light you slide it into the top. Nice and small, nice case that has a belt loop. Accurate.

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