38/52 Bad Soup

I have had pretty good luck with stand development.  This time things went awry.  I think my Rodinal has turned bad.  These are the images I was able to salvage from the roll.  After having some trouble with Arista chemicals and color as well I took a break this week and put my film cameras down for a rest.   I shot these images with a Contax T2, Kodak TriX.  They lacked contrast for the most part and most of the negatives were blotchy and ugly.   These are half decent.  Not the most inspiring roll of film but the next one will be better.  Soldier on I will.


5 thoughts on “38/52 Bad Soup

  1. Rodinal is known for having a very long shelf life. Not sure what might have gone wrong. I’ve never tried stand developing……Great save on what you have.


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