The Procession of the Species in Olympia

The annual Procession of the Species parade in Olympia was April 29th.  I’d kind of stumbled onto the parade last year, and waited all year to go again.  It’s a very home-grown even without evidence of corporate sponsorship or advertising.  Like they say,
We only have 3 rules:
1. No words or symbols
2. No live animals
3. No motorized vehicles (Wheelchairs are permitted)

I brought along a Pentacon Six that doesn’t fire on all shutter speeds.  It needs repair, but its fine if you stick to the shutter speeds that work.


I had a good time, but I’m not enamored with these images.  It was a cloudy day, and I was shooting at ISO 200, I think.   So I was shooting wide open at f/2.8.    Due to the distance from the subjects, I should have been shooting with a smaller aperture.   These photos are not so sharp.   Plus, I really should buy new film, instead of shooting expired stuff.


There was some frame overlapping.


It was a high overcast day…and it rained a little.

I’d like to take this camera out and shoot sharper pictures.


One thought on “The Procession of the Species in Olympia

  1. Honestly I love the look of muted colors. This whole series is such fun! Expired film has its uses, and funky stuff like this is one of them. Also if you really love the camera spend the $ and get it fixed. I coughed up a lot to get my Pentax 67 working but it was worth every cent because I love that camera!


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