52 Rolls Week 20:52

Some telephoto perspectives.  I always carry the 150 mm lens for the Mamiya 7, but almost never use it.  And the 210 mm never gets in the bag.  Well I took them both out for a ‘drive’ in Moab.  By the way, I shot seven rolls of film in Moab.  I was trying lot’s of different experiments, so there is still more to come………..

Let’s return to the Green River Overlook in Canyonlands National Park.  This was the first day shooting site, which I probably  didn’t identify in the first post.  We’ll show the 150 mm view first and then the 210 mm:


The 210 mm lens eliminates that annoying dark rock in the corner, while preserving the scene (and not needing to move the tripod):



For this scene, I’ll probably crop out the sky when I print regardless of which one I choose.  But I think I like the 150 mm version (above) better.


I’m focussing on making prints this summer.  So many of the Moab images are going into the darkroom.  Last weekend I printed scenes from the March For Science on Earth Day.  I’ll have links to my scanned prints soon.  I always do print vs. scanned negative comparisons on my blog.

But for this Episode here’s the tech info:

Mamiya 6X7, Ilford SFX-200 with IR 695 Filter (Testing IR 720  filter soon); Developed and scanned by my friends at Old School Photo Lab.




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