42/52 Fly

From June 1 – 4 the PVD Fest was held in Providence.  It is a city-wide celebration of the arts.  I walked into the city center on night-one at dusk not knowing that Bandaloop from San Francisco would unfold before me.  A roll of Ilford 3200 was loaded into my Nikon F2 with 50mm F1.2 mounted preparing for some low light street shots.   The Bandaloop troupe descended from a building face near Kennedy Plaza as I scarfed down a hot dog at the Havens Brother’s Food Truck.  After taking a few shots from afar I moved to the base of the building and shot up.  They were dancing in the shade and I had the ISO set at 1000. To stop motion I had to shoot wide open or close to it.  I did not think to try using the motion.  In “get the shot mode” I used up the entirety of my last roll.  In spite of a lack of sharpness and contrast the images are still interesting.  On one image I experimented by using Photoshop to remove the overhanging trees.  Another great experience with a camera in my hands.



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