44/52 Ogie’s Trailer Park and Flowers — Rotary Processing.

Orange Stools

My friend Matthew Hayes emailed me about this place in the morning.  Having a night where my wife was dedicated to watching reality TV, I gave it a go.  Very cool place.  Good food, quirky crowd.  Lots of color.  I used my Rolleiflex 2.8F and Portra 160.  I attempted some indoor shots but didn’t want to fuss with a tripod and only one was usable.  It was my first time rotary processing.   The images had a slight magenta cast that I fixed for the most part in Lightroom.  I processed this roll at 104 degrees for 3.5 minutes thinking it would cool since I have a very basic roller purchased on ebay, no heating element.

I rotary processed another roll of Agfa Vista 200 shot with my Pentax Spotmatic and 50mm F 1.4 lens.  This roll I processed at 85 degrees for 8 minutes 15 seconds.  I  didn’t have the color cast issue this time.

The roller is a 3D printed small contraption purchased on Ebay.  It is expandable to accomodate large tanks.   The three reel and double reel Paterson tanks work fine with it.   Below is a video demonstrating it and from the video there is a link to the maker’s site.  It’s simple and cheap although the price has gone up since I purchased it.  He also makes some very nice 3D printed film clips.


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