Roll 13 Discovering Favorite Films

I’m trying diligently to get a bit caught up. I have lots of rolls backlogged but circumstances have conspired to rob me of any time to post here. I’m going to forge ahead while I have a few days. This set were shot on the Isolette, which is the fanciest camera I’ve been using. I’ve really come to love the little plastic ladies. Anyway both this roll and the last were Ektar 100. I am becoming fond of Kodak films. I dearly love Fuji and its wonderful hues but since I have been processing all my own film this year I’ve discovered that Kodak films in general lie down and behave while Fuji films of all sizes and types (but especially any positive film) curl like crazy.

These shots are more of what I’ve come to call the “My Town” series. The first are another visit to the Wizard of Oz grouping. I’m trying all types of film and cameras with these. They are amazing but very hard to photograph because there is a huge jungle of vegetation around and behind them, so they are almost always in shadow.

The only other shots worth posting are these of Rhino Art. It was a small mom and pop art supply shop which had reasonable prices and saved a half hour or more drive to Blick to get paint, printing ink, brushes or whatever. They downsized about two years ago and I guess now the owner has just given up and moved on.


2 thoughts on “Roll 13 Discovering Favorite Films

    • Thank you. Kodak films provide reliably good results and I really find them easy to work with when processing. I’ve learned a lot since I started processing my own color film. You don’t notice when you send it out to a lab and they have to deal with it.


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