Abandoned houses in Eastern Washington

I’m woefully behind on my scanning.  I’ve got several rolls sitting in a box, and another box is arriving in a few days.   I’d like to share all of it with you.    Summer is a busy time in Seattle.
Highlights:    the annual Honkfest weekend.   A week in Iceland.   Of course I shot a lot of film for those, and lots more events.

But  for now, here’s some of my photos from Eastern Washington.  I shot 35mm with a fisheye, a Fuji GA 645, a lot of 4×5 with a Speed Graphic, a Pentax67, and a bunch of pinhole.
I went out with different friends on both weekends.  We took 2 days to explore abandoned homes & a few schoolhouses, staying overnight in a motel over the weekend.  I still feel like I haven’t had enough time to fully explore the area.   And of course I want to bring different cameras next time.


35mm SLR with a fisheye


35mm SLR with a fisheye

Here’s some from the Fuji GA645:


Here’s some with the Speed Graphic:


Here’ some from the Pentax67:


And here’s some pinhole:


These and more can be found at http://www.espressobuzz.net/Events/2017/EasternWashington.


2 thoughts on “Abandoned houses in Eastern Washington

  1. Like the fisheye images. And nice use of light in the B&W shot with the door. Look forward to you summer adventures.


  2. Hey, give yourself credit for several weeks of work here (even if it was all shot over 2 weekends). We love ghost towns and abandoned building too. Great work. Which B&W film were you using?

    I keep meaning to pull out my fisheye lens for 52 rolls. Looking at it on the shelf now………I still have a few weeks to work with it!


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