51/52 Glorious Portra

It’s hard to believe I am almost at the end of posting 52 rolls of film.  Heck, that’s a lot of photography!  It’s been a great ride.   A few shots from a roll of Kodak Portra, Leica M3.  I have taken to shooting Portra at 200 but sometimes box speed works better at least to my eye, and the puff of clouds and colors pop in the cloud images and the flowers in my favorite haunt, the Beehive Cafe.  As the year progressed I have come to enjoy shooting color film more and Portra is my favorite.  There are a few “photos of photos”, not something I usually do, but these are of John a big influence in my life.  They were taken by May Pang and from an exhibition at the Narrows Center in Fall River MA.  May signed my copy of her book “Dear Louis, See my John through my eyes.  May Pang”…Deborah Feingold also showed and spoke of her displayed iconic images of all the rock and roll greats.  Finally, sometimes one captures serendipity as I did with

a napper’s extended legs resting on a car door at noon.


2 thoughts on “51/52 Glorious Portra

    • Thank you! I will soldier on. I will post less images per week. This is a great experience. I have come to love Portra and Ektar. Portra is very forgiving. I have taken to shedding the light-meter when using it and it allows one to be very instinctual.

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