52 Rolls Week 30:52

Rollei  400 test using my ‘new’ old camera.  Largest image on the left is a 4 second exposure; moving clockwise upper right is 2 seconds, lower right is 1 second.  All at f/16.  My giant zucchini have beautiful variegated leaves, but the IR film smooths that away…… So I’ll have to make some ‘ordinary’ B&W images to capture that.

The Wild Grape Vines, same exposures.


…………and my Baby Eggplant.  I have 6 of them and they are huge now!

See the ‘new’ old camera unboxed here.

Tech Info: Mamiya 1000S (645 format) Camera and Rollei IR 400 Film; developed at home in F76 by kellyblackdog; scanned on my Epson V700.


3 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 30:52

  1. Thanks…just trying to figure out the Infrared…..Next experiment is t reproduce these results in another place and time….Stay tuned.


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