Not the most inspiring roll of film for the year ending roll, but the back story is better than the images.  I took my two dogs for a walk through beautiful Mount Hope Farm.  I stopped aside a pond to take a photo of a lily pad.  Duke was atop the flat rock with me and he slid into the water and sunk leg deep into the murky mud.  As I tried to wash him off with a bottle of water, Lilly darted into the pond after a mother duck and her chicks.  Duke immediately followed.  I did not know until then the pups could swim.   Needless to say both finished the hunt fully clothed in rancid mud.  I found a hose in one of the farm’s gardens and cleaned them off before driving home.   The pups were no worse for the wear….We had fun together.  I wung this roll, no meter or filters.  I’ll start next week on the new year, rebooting to roll one.

.  Kodak Portra, 50mm lens, Nikon F2.  Scanning the roll was difficult.   I need to learn to use Silverfast….


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